Our project coordinator Liesbeth Horckmans (VITO) will be speaking at the 7th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar, which will take place online on 10th December, 9:00-16:30 CET. This year’s seminar will report on the raw materials community’s main results and challenges that remain to be addressed in the next Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.
Horckmans will present the CHROMIC project at 11.25 during the session titled “From waste to resources”.

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After the Euroslag Conference meeting, the CHROMIC project will be presented also at the Raw Materials Week 2017. The event is at its 2nd edition and it takes place in Brussels from Monday, November 6th until Saturday, November 11th. The Raw Materials Week is an important event in which the EU Commission wants to involve all relevant stakeholders and the raw materials community in order to discuss about policies, technologies and sharing knowledge.

In particular, the CHROMIC coordinator Liesbeth Horckmans will present the project during SCRREEN LAUNCHING & 1ST ANNUAL CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS EVENT, organised by SCRREEN, a Horizon 2020 funded project focused on networking, permanent dialogue between stakeholders and decision-making in the field of raw materials. “SCRREEN invited CHROMIC, together with other projects, to co-organise the event, sharing our goals and knowledge so far”, says Horckmans.

The 1st Annual Critical Raw Materials Event will be presented by Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) and it will take place November 7th. In the morning there will be a more general session about EU policies and networking. “In the afternoon some R&D projects will be highlighted, including CHROMIC – says Horckmans – I will speak about our goals and our timeline. I will mention preliminary results and in particular I will talk about the  different techniques we are developing in CHROMIC”.



On October 12th, CHROMIC project coordinator Liesbeth Horckmans takes part in the Euroslag Conference 2017, in Metz, France. The conference is organized by Euroslag, the association of organisations and companies concerned with all aspects of the manufacture and utilisation of slag products. 


This association was inspired in 1993 by FEhS-Institute, that is also a member of the CHROMIC consortium. The Euroslag conference focuses on four topics: state of legislation, proceeding from “By-Products” to recognized “Products”, characteristics of slag, “New techniques, new markets”. CHROMIC will be presented during the fourth, “New techniques, new markets”. The Chairperson of this Conference topic is FEhS researcher and CHROMIC member Agnieszka Morillon. Also, David Algermissen, a researcher at FEhS Institute and also involved in the CHROMIC project, will speak about “Heat Recovery of EAF Slag in Consideration of Further Application” in the same topic of Euroslag.


Here you can find the full program of the event from 11th to 13th October.


The Euroslag conference is strongly focused on recovery and re-use of slags, in particular carbon steel slags. “CHROMIC project fits particularly well within this scope” says coordinator Liesbeth Horckmans. “Firstly, I am going to introduce the project, our goals, what and how we are going to do, who are our partners. Then I will briefly present a paper that shows some preliminary results of our research. In particular I will focus on some differences in chromium concentrations shown in the same type of slag by different technique analysis”.


Here you can find the final version of the paper.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under Grant Agreement n° 730471

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